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KYIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (O.O. Bogomolets) is one of the main medical establishments in Ukraine offering MBBS, MD, BDS and numerous more projects in pharmaceutical. The college was set up in the year 1841 with a therapeutic staff under the supervision of Kyiv Saint Volodymyr Unversity. KNMU is situated in the capital city of Ukraine – Kyiv. KNMU has gained the largest amount of accreditation by the Ministry of Health and Education i.e. level IV.

Kyiv National Medical University has been preparing undergraduates from everywhere throughout the world for over 150 years. The college commended its 170th commemoration in the year 2011. KNMU is known to be the essential logical and preventive care focal point of the nation.

Kyiv National Medical University is known for its very much talented and exceedingly experienced scholarly staff. There are around 80 divisions with a staff of about 1200. Among them there are 140 teachers, 189 specialists of science, 338 collaborator educators and 720 competitors of science, in excess of 200 academicians and comparing individuals from NAS, AMS, APS of Ukraine, laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, privileged laborers of science and innovation, specialists of instruction and specialists, and creators of Ukraine. The instruction in KNMU is done in English, Ukrainian and Russian. The academic year at the KNMU begins on September 1. Each scholastic year is partitioned into two semesters.

As per the state positioning by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, KNMU is positioned among the best among all the higher medicinal schools of III and IV accreditation levels in Ukraine. At present, there are more than 1180 undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral understudies, occupants; specialists assistants are learning at KNMU. This number additionally incorporates around 1200 foreign residents from 63 nations.

Kyiv National Medical University has been pronounced a victor and granted with the brilliant decoration in class "Joining of Science and Education – essential condition for enhanced nature of authorities' preparation at advanced education foundations" of Хіі International Exhibition of Educational Institutions "Contemporary Education in Ukraine – 2009".


  • Medical Faculty (General Medicine)

  • Medical Faculty (Pediatrics)

  • Medical Faculty (Preventative Care)

  • Dentistry

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical Psychology

  • Military Medicine

  • Medical Engineering

  • Faculty for Advance Training

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