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Kemerovo State Medical University, Russia

Kemerovo State Medical University is the leading medical institution in Russia founded in 1955. Today, the university has 7 faculties with more than 3500 students studying medicine at the faculty. With the 63 years of experience in providing medical education, the university has become a prestigious scientific, educational and medical center of Siberia and Russia. It trains highly qualified professionals and specialists in all areas of medicine.

The university conducts educational activities in accordance with society and the state which includes a focused way of education and training programs in the field of medicine. It establishes systematic and methodological educational work to improve the quality of training of specialists.


Functions of Educational Management:


  • Plan the scientific and methodological activities of education.

  • Quality control of training specialties.

  • Manage and organize the educational activities of the university.

Why Study MBBS at Kemerovo State Medical University?

Following are some of the top benefits of studying MBBS course at Kemerovo State Medical University:


  • The Kemerovo State Medical University organizes the implementation of educational programs at the international level of education.

  • The university has coordination with overseas universities to provide training in different specialties of medicine.

  • Medical students at the university will get an opportunity to work with renowned specialties of the world.

  • Faculties at the university strive to develop highly qualified medical professionals through the academic development programs of the university.

  • Graduates from the Kemerovo State Medical University are working in a different part of the countries as a doctor with a high salary package.

Medium of Teaching

Following is the medium of teaching at Kemerovo State Medical University:


  • At this university, the medicine courses are taught in the English language.

  • For local students, the medicine courses are also taught in the Russian language.

Students Life

Students live an excellent life at Kemerovo State Medical University:


  • The university has international relationships with many other medical universities from all over the world. As a result of which students can participate in many different international conferences, seminars, student exchange programs, etc.

  • The university has 15 Scientific Schools, which are well – known not only in Russia but abroad.

  • The scientists of Kemerovo University are experts of the World Health Organization, international expert councils in various fields of science and this gives encouragement to students who study at this university.

  • The university offers transport facilities, hostel and sports facilities to its students.

  • There are different cultural programs, festivals, and events celebrated at the university for students.

  • The university offers postgraduate studies in 30 specialties in the areas of preparation such as Clinical medicine, Pharmacy and Biological sciences, Medico – prophylactic business, and Fundamental medicine so that students can do their further studies.

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